Corey Davis offers breakout, Fantasy Football profits

Corey Davis is a great bet to breakout in 2019.
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Corey Davis is emerging as one of the season’s top sleeper picks. The industry-wide fading of Davis is one of the sillier trends of 2019. Shrewd fantasy football owners will take advantage of this market glitch and enjoy the added profits.

I don’t understand why everyone is so down on Davis’ production from last season. He garnered 25.6 percent of the Titans targets, increased his catch rate from 52.3 to 58.0 percent, averaged 13.7 yards per catch and found the endzone four more times than he did in his rookie season. And he did so while weathering the implosion that took place at the quarterback position. All things considered, Davis’ 2018 couldn’t have been much more encouraging.

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Of course the mention of the Titans’ quarterback play will spark the chorus of critics. I’m no Marcus Mariota apologist, but the numbers show a quarterback who is better than he’s being given credit for. And in the event he provides his naysayers with more ammo, Ryan Tannehill should be an upgrade over Blaine Gabbert as the backup. This is far from the league’s top quarterback situation, but it’s not as abysmal as it’s being made out to be.

It’s also a surprise to see the lack of patience afforded to Davis, especially in light of the aforementioned quarterback issues. I find it perfectly reasonable that a player from a small school would require a couple of seasons to completely find his footing in the NFL. A breakout is staring the market in the face, but the market wants to look elsewhere at less profitable assets.

CWi Last Word: Corey Davis

Corey Davis enjoyed a great 2018 season in a lot of ways, but it didn’t translate into fantasy production. Those who look at the numbers superficially won’t grasp the development that occurred beneath the surface. I’m betting liberally on Davis’ odds of enjoying a complete breakout season in 2019.

CWi: 48 | Y! ADP: 91.1 | FFC: 100.1

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