Damien Williams a losing Fantasy Football play

Damien Williams' second-round draft grade is egregiously overrated.
Say hello to one of 2019’s biggest bust candidates.

The Kansas City Chiefs represent a hot spot to target fantasy football production and justifiably so. Of course, prices have been steep throughout the spring and summer. Particularly for presumed starting running back Damien Williams, who currently stands as one of 2019’s worst investments.

The helium that’s been applied to Williams’ average draft position is irresponsible. Prior to his 50-carry stint with the Chiefs in 2018, Williams’ yards-per-carry stood at a minuscule 3.6 over 133 totes. Those carries came with the Miami Dolphins, hardly an organization that’s demonstrated competence on or off the field. However, Jay Ajayi (4.9 YPC, 260 carries, Frank Gore (4.6, 156), Kenyan Drake (4.8, 133) and Kalen Ballage (5.3, 36) experienced significantly more success than Williams in the same system.

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Backs sometimes fit better in one system compared to another. With that said, I’m not bullish on Williams’ brief success serving as a harbinger of 2019 performance. I’m certainly not going to pass on premium talent to roll the dice on so much bust potential. “Leagues aren’t won in the first two rounds, but they can be lost.” Drafting Williams in the second round is how leagues are lost.

Williams has a mountain of factors stacked against him and his likelihood of turning profit. The latest of which is a tweaked hamstring that has forced him to miss training camp up to this point. There are enough backs on this roster (Carlos Hyde, Darrel Williams, Darwin Thompson) — and enough red flags in Damien Williams’ profile — to run far away from him at his current price.

CWi Last Word: Damien Williams

In the event Williams performs on par with the expectations of a second-round fantasy football pick, I’ll simply tip my cap and go back to enjoying the high-level production of my own second-round pick. I won’t, however, put my portfolio at risk of “loss on investment” by calling Williams’ name.

CWi: 57 | Y! ADP: 26.0 | FFC: 19.7

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