Julian Edelman 2019: Fantasy Football bust

Drafting Julian Edelman at his inflated price tag amounts to an egregious overpay.
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Fans of good defense often argue preventing points is as effective as tallying them. A similar sentiment can be expressed in fantasy football. While the excitement of acquiring the best players/values is what we look forward to all summer, the passive counterpart of avoiding bad players is effective as well. To that end, Julian Edelman is arguably the most overrated asset in the game this season.

Patriots players are popular and often overpriced. As an illustration, his 38.5 average draft position on Fantasy Football Calculator and 43.3 mark on Yahoo represent egregious overpays. In Edelman, I see a 33-year-old injury-prone wide receiver who has a PED bust on his resume. Cherry-picking his career bests yields a 105-1,106-7 line. For my money, that line is not obtainable. But for argument’s sake, if that is his absolute ceiling, there is no need to feel threatened. I’m treating Edelman as an elite baseball player would a soft-tossing pitcher who doesn’t have the requisite juice on his heater to command respect.

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There is no shortage of legitimate profit potential ripe for the picking in and beyond Edelman’s area code. Regardless of whether you’re eyeing a wide receiver, running back or tight end, you can do significantly better than Edelman. Guys like Chris Godwin and Mike Williams are standing on floors as high as Edelman’s best-case scenario. Furthermore, runners such as Mark Ingram and David Montgomery, among others, possess significant promise in 2019. Hell, O.J. Howard and Evan Engram represent sounder investments at a tight end position woefully thin on impact talent.

CWi Final Word: Julian Edelman

Generally speaking, any pan of a Patriots player — from Tom Brady to Zach Sudfeld circa 2013 — is met with a chorus of “yeah, buts”. Frankly, I do not care. I like to win. I like to profit. Consequently, I will not waste a “separation” pick on a player who is likely to fall short of 1,000 yards receiving.

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